Program Sponsors

We are responsible for ongoing maintenance and operational costs, and hope to be sustainable through grants, sponsorships and donations. We also train and pay our youth coaches to lead our free sports and recreational clinics and camps. These organizations help us to continue offering clinics and jobs to youth.

You also can help us to give these opportunities to the more than 10,000 students enrolled at neighbouring schools.
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OntarioOntario Sport & Recreation Communities Fund

Go Green is grateful to the OSRCF for supporting a new partnership with Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office which facilitated a significant expansion of its camps as a result of the grand opening in June, 2015.  This enabled Go Green to move its cricket program outdoors and engage in the training of youth in additional sports while at the same time Go Green expanded its youth coaching team from ten cricket coaches to 22 cricket and multisport youth coaches for 2015. A generous OSRCF award supports TNO Go Green Summer and March break camps until the conclusion of its March Break Camp in 2017.

greenwinGreenwin Inc.

A major residential property owner and manager in the City of Toronto, Greenwin engages in several community revitalization projects by facilitating social programming and enhancements at its sites including the San Romanoway Revitalization Association and The Oaks. While not directly owning properties in Thorncliffe Park & Flemingdon Park, it has nevertheless been Go Green’s biggest program supporter since program inception in 2012.  Go Green’s mission is similar to Greenwin’s desire to improve Toronto’s neighbourhoods and create better opportunities for youth.

MLSEMLSE Foundation

Go Green is grateful to the MLSE Foundation & Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities for enhancing its annual youth coaches training programming by introducing multisport-specific training in the spring 2015. MLSE brought paid facilitators from the Coaches Association of Ontario, MLSE, Toronto FC, Ontario Soccer and Ontario Ball Hockey Associations who trained youth coaches over three weekends at VPMS in April and May 2013. MLSE Foundation also donated multisport equipment and is supporting Go Green’s Multisport Clinics on Saturdays this Fall, Winter & Spring 2015-16.


Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities

With MLSE Foundation, the Canadian Tire Jumpstart supported this year’s improvements to its annual youth coaches training program which included National Coaches Certificate program training in the Fundamental Movement & Skills module as well as sport-specific training in soccer, hockey and ball hockey. Jumpstart has supported Go Green’s year-round clinics, camps & equipment purchases since 2014. Go Green could not survive without Jumpstart’s year-round help.

tdsbTDSB Focus on Youth Toronto Program

Go Green is grateful to the TDSB Focus on Youth Toronto Program whose mission is to employ youth in not-for-profit agencies operating subsidized and free programs for youth in TDSB Priority Site Initiative schools and Neighbourhood Improvement Areas. It has helped Go Green operate its free summer camps at VPMS by paying several youth coaches’ salaries directly since 2013. This year, FOYT employed nine full-time TNO Go Green youth coaches enabling us to expand and run our successful seven week TNO Go Green Summer Camp 2015.

federal-logocolourCanada Summer Jobs Program

In 2015, the Canada Summer Jobs Program increased its funding from four to seven coaches' salaries enabling us to expand and run our successful free seven-week TNO Go Green Summer Camp 2015.

OntarioOntario Summer Experience Program

Go Green was grateful this year to receive support to hire an additional Go Green youth coach this Summer 2015.

torontoCity of Toronto PanAm Festivals Grant Program

Go Green was grateful to the City of Toronto for awarding it a grant to help support the Go Green Grand Match & Official Opening Festival on June 4, 2015. Without this assistance, Go Green could not have afforded to celebrate its opening with a community festival celebrating an inaugural cricket match between the Toronto Police Cricket Club and the Go Green Youth Coach Cricket team.

torontoCity of Toronto Community Investment Recreation Fund

This was Go Green’s first official program sponsor with the 2012-13 award also facilitated by former Ward 13 Councillor John Parker. The grant was used to support the initial launch of all Go Green year-round cricket-only programming & youth coaches cricket training.